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We are moving in a new direction,

come with us

Athlon UK

We are moving in a new direction,

come with us

Athlon UK


Daimler Fleet Management UK are experts in funding and fleet management solutions.

Do you want a partner who actively listens and welcomes your ideas? A supplier who works with you to find the best solution for your business and your drivers?


A different approach to managing and funding your fleet

Daimler Fleet Management provides fleet management and funding solutions for all makes and models of cars and vans. As part of the Daimler Group, we share a commitment to excellence and a passion for superb customer service. We appreciate that your business is unique with its own specific requirements and goals, so we take time to understand the challenges you face. Whether you have a clear view of precisely what you need, or would like a detailed analysis of your fleet, we can help.


Bespoke Leasing Solutions

We will source the best vehicles for you, no matter what brand. Our relentless drive to find the most cost-effective solutions – not just on initial cost but over the whole life of your vehicles - can cut the costs of running a fleet whilst still driving up efficiencies.

Innovation through consultation

A partnership with DFM ensures a thorough funding strategy appropriate to your needs. Through whole life cost analysis we will work with you to calculate and manage the total expenditure of operating a vehicle over its lifetime.

Measured Success

We offer fleet consultancy to get the best for your business and your drivers, sustaining a more efficient fleet and saving money.

Plug in to the

Our hybrid and electric cars

Fleet fit

Fleet Fit is designed to help you identify marginal gains that will deliver peak performance. Whatever size of fleet you manage, and whatever challenges you face, just a few small changes could make a huge difference.

An exciting new service

Environmental responsibility 

We are all increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of travel. DFM have the credentials to help you not just source greener vehicles, but can advise and train on getting the most out of your fleet factoring in variables such as the introduction of low emission zones.

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