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Hybrid and electric


Strong public opinion around vehicle emissions and the environment combined with ambitious government legislation is a creating a fast changing backdrop, which means Electric Vehicles could be relevant for your business now - There are over 200,000 hybrid or electric vehicles on the road. In five years’ time there’ll be over a million. And every single one of them is cleaner, quieter and more cost effective than the equivalent petrol or diesel model. As electric performance and cutting edge technology evolve every day, the electric future offers more and more incredible possibilities.

The New EQC:

The new EQC is one of the most exciting new Electric Vehicles on the road. Loaded with the style and technology drivers demand from Mercedes-Benz – plus a range of up to 259 miles, and full charging in as little as 40 minutes at rapid charging stations. Powerful electric performance.

Don't Miss The Electric Future:

See how Electric Vehicles could add power to your fleet today.

From appealing design, extraordinary driving pleasure, high levels of everyday suitability and maximum safety. EQ represents "emotion and intelligence", two Mercedes-Benz brand values. It comprises all essential aspects related to customer-focused electric mobility and goes beyond the vehicle itself.

Which is why we are flicking the switch: thanks to the product and technology brand EQ, we are not just looking at vehicles, we are expanding our offering to include specific products, services and innovations which go far beyond just driving. The way in which we travel, how we use energy, how we intuitively interact with our vehicles – all of that will change.

Whether its home or workplace charging, charging cards, finance packages or driver assistance our range of unique solutions are suitable for you as a business and your drivers to keep you on the move.

If you are considering electric vehicles but are unsure whether they have a place in your fleet. Or if you have decided to include them in your fleet but are unsure about which type would be most suitable. Or if you are further down the route and need advice on policies or Home and Workplace charging, Daimler Fleet Management could be the right fit for you.

Supported by our highly experienced eMobility team, which includes former fleet managers, technical experts and specialists in Business Mobility solutions, DFM provides unbiased advice to help you make the right decisions. Unlike other fleet solutions, which just provide vehicles, DFM offers a comprehensive whole life cost service.

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